Medical Thermography

The Dutch Thermografie Centrum located in Epe, The Netherlands offers Medical Thermography training in English Language.
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English   What's Medical Thermography

Medical Thermography is a technique which allows analysis of minimal variations in skin temperature. The skin of health people have a thermal SYMMETRY. Once detected any ASYMMETRY, this already indicates a change in the body that may be related to disease or dysfunction.

The human hand is only able to detect changes of more than 2 C. However the Infrared camera, is able to assess up to a tenth of a degree centigrade and more, without any physical contact. Normally, an increase in temperature indicates a higher local blood circulation may be due to a process of pain or inflammation and other factors.

Each skin area communicates with a particular organ, joint or muscle through the nervous system. If there is any change in these structures, it will appear as areas of abnormal temperatures to the region.

Thermography is one of the most modern methods of medical diagnostics today. The infrared imaging is particularly useful in chronic pain patients in whom conventional tests resulted negative or who suffered multiple painful procedures without satisfactory results. Also known as infrared thermography as often as necessary can be repeated without risk or pain for the patient, is completely harmless.

Medical Thermography is a method that does not replace current techniques as radiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI. Medical Thermography will show the physiological changes in the body reflected by heat radiation from the skin.